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Dec 25, 2012 6:30pm PST
language was an obvious highlight. then came the blessing -- to the city and to the world. >> we are joined now in our studio by our religious affairs correspondent. it has been a busy year for the pope and the catholic church. >> it has indeed. it started off in february when he appointed 22 new cardinals, all europeans, to correct, as he saw it, the imbalance in the college of cardinals, created by his predecessor, john paul ii, who appointed a lot of latin americans. the pope wanted to restore the balance, as he saw it. then, of course, although he is 86 or will be in april, he said he was not going to travel much. in fact, he traveled quite a bit. he was in mexico, in cuba. he went to lebanon, celebrated a mass just 80 kilometers from where the fighting was. it has been a very busy year. and he published the third volume of his study in jesus christ. >> last night on christmas eve, the pope made one, that caught a lot of people's eyes, which was about technology, quite critical comments about technology, which seemed quite a bit odd, given that he has only just started using twit
Dec 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
to london know and love the city's uniquely spacious yet somewhat old-fashioned black cabs. they are as much a part of the british capital as the big ben on the tower bridge. >> no wonder then there was a huge outcry when back in october the company making those calves filed for bankruptcy. what's worse, the london taxi company had to recall a large number of the calves once renowned for their reliability. -- a large number of the tabs -- cabs once renowned for their reliability. >> not all the caps on the streets of the traditional black cabs and more. martin has driven a taxi in london for 18 years. he would rather not give his last name because he is not sure if he is willing to remain faithful to the london taxi company. >> i really don't know, to be honest. i've got mixed feelings. >> martin loves his job, and he likes driving around london, but he is aware that things have not been going well with the london taxi company. he thinks the company must have bad management because it has been losing money for the last four years running. his own vehicle has not been as reliable as h
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
candidates. if you look at the big cities, ordinary people are going to get walloped. if you look at the places where that is, those are where you pretty much have solid democratic votes. were you have republican votes, they will not get affected by this. yes, there is a possibility there. host: when your may have heard that interview. the day write -- -- they write -- guest: we have one tax policy no matter where you live and what the cost of living is. that does not work very well there are parts of the country where people make very significant amounts of money relative to $250,000 for the cost of living is very high. these tax increases are going to bite in bite hard. that is unfortunate. suppose we had a classroom where three of the children were much wealthier than the others. the teacher said, we really want to go on one good field trip a month. how about we have a vote as to who pays for the field trip. we will send each of their parents a bill for 10 children. and they vote yes. the teacher said, we had a vote and it was by democracy. that has about as much credibility as 51
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3